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Rainy bike rides

Rainy bike rides

Last month we went for a drink in a local bar for my parents their birthday. We decided to take the risk and go by bike instead of the bus. I mean we are dutchies, so it would be weird if we wouldn’t take the bike right?

07.45pm Thirty minutes before we should leave. There was little to no rain, and the predictions said it would get less and less by the minute. Yeah let’s go by bike, I bet the predictions are right this time!

08.10pm We get our keys and put our coats on. Still dry so that’s good.

08.14pm Cool, cool, cool, still dry outside. The weather gods are here with us tonight!

08.15pm We’re about the jump om the bicycle, aaaaaaand rain.. Yep it was raining way more than thirty minutes ago. Anyway.. We were already on the bike and there was no way back. So that moment we started to complain a bit about that rain sucks and how crappy it is to arrive in the bar totally soaked. Even if it is one of the most normal things to happen in a rainy country like the Netherlands. I mean, I don’t even look up if anybody is soaked in a bar if it is raining outside. It would be more weird if there were people who weren’t soaked..

08.20pm Starting to accept that we are biking in the rain. And so came the memories of the 18 year old us, also complaining about the rain and that we would totally never bike in the rain again as soon as we got our own car. Well here we are at 26 and 28 biking through the rain with the same complaints about how crappy it is to bike through the rain. Something went wrong here..

08.30pm Arriving at the bar and we are totally not the only ones who got wet from the rain! Like mentioned before, we live in this rainy country and even if it is pouring outside, Dutchies will go by bike. No matter what.

And that is one of the beautiful things in the Netherlands. Everybody is complaining about the rain and that they wouldn’t want to go out. But as soon as were out, we accept the rain. Especially when you’re going home, it really doesn’t matter what kind of weather it is. This was just one of those evenings, we had a super nice evening, with good food, good drinks and good company. We jumped back on the bike and off course it was still raining, but we really couldn’t care less. We were having fun and living in the moment talking about the things we enjoyed.

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