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Our new (tiny) kitchen

We’ve moved in our (first) apartment with the intention to live bigger after five years. Now five years later, we’re still here. And in five years time a lot can change. Not only the economic and financial part, but also mindset. We’ve decided to stay here a bit longer, because why would we need a bigger house at the moment? Just because of the space? We didn’t think that was worth all the money at this moment, and rather wanted to give some upgrades to our current apartment.

From the start we already had a clear mind about the kitchen.. It is so tiny! When the architect was making the plans for this building, he totally forgot to add a kitchen in the house. Well somebody was in a luxury position of never cooking! So when they were building everything, they had to put a last minute kitchen in here. Result: tiny kitchen. Besides the tinyness, it was also a very outdated kitchen. It worked and we’ve accepted it. We even developed some sort of dance that I can cook and my partner can do the dishes at the same time! (Nope, we do not have a dishwasher. Those things take up so much space!)

But now we’ve decided to live here a little longer, we wanted to fulfill our (maybe a bit more mine) wish to get a stove. Not a huge one with six pitts, but a gas stove with an oven underneath. Sounds so silly and easy, but it would make me so happy! When I lived at my parents I always baked stuff, cakes, cookies, but also pizza from scratch! And for the past five years that baking got less and less because of the tiny oven we had. Also this oven, it did what it had to do and we’ve accepted it. But we were going to do this, project kitchen!

February 2020, the first time we’ve been to the IKEA and got some info. Ok, I’m só happy and we’re só going to do this! March 2020, COVID-19 kicks in. Lockdown all over, also at IKEA… Since we were still in the first phase of planning out our kitchen, we needed to postpone our plans without any sight of when this would take place! In the mean time, we’ve already got some cabinets out so there was this ugly wall visible. But not a problem, it only gave us more space for our evening cooking/dishes dance!

Then finally things got better with the corona virus during summertime, so we’ve been to the IKEA again to talk over the details. After some small hiccups everything was delivered in August and ready to become a kitchen. And boy, that feeling that everything is out and you have nothing left.. It sucks! After all you know it will all be alright, but at the moment you’ve got nothing… 

And right before my birthday, there it was! Our beautiful new kitchen! It’s still tiny, but it has a stove, a bigger sink and it is so much more better looking. This will be the start of a lot of awesome dishes, a lot of cookies (hell yeah!!) and all the other good stuff.  But also a consistent reminder that you have to life in the moment and sometimes need to take action right away. We postponed this kitchen because we thought we would be gone after five years, but five years later we realized we could already have enjoyed a new kitchen for five years if we took action right away.

Point is; don’t look to far in the future and enjoy the moment. Just like I am enjoying my kitchen at this moment!

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