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Let the hunting games begin!

We’ve spend some time early October in the middle of the woods. We had this cute cottage surrounded with trees and the only thing you could hear was the wind and the birds singing their song. 

But as soon as the sun went down and the lights inside went on, you could hear some buzzing around you. Yep, the mosquitos came in. They weren’t invited but they sneaked in the moment we weren’t paying attention. The first night we didn’t really noticed any of them before we went to bed, but that night I was scratching a lot. The next morning I thought it was the laundry detergent but as soon as I stepped under the shower I noticed approximately 15 mosquito bites on my legs. Soon to find out that there were like a 100 more on the rest of my body. 

WARNING: If you think mosquitos are all cute and lovely, do not read any further because the hunting is starting from now.

Since I was already pretty full with bite marks from the night before, I thought it would be a good idea to start hunting some down before bed. So I’ve brushed my teeth and got the local newspaper from a couple years back. I rolled it all  up and was ready to rumble. One, two, three yes got them. Within no time I’ve already slayed 14 mosquitos and I thought I had them all so I went to bed. But it couldn’t be that easy, there was a survivor. I woke up that morning with two new lovely bites.. in my face. Of all the places they choose my face. Since I was on a holiday in the middle of nowhere I couldn’t really care where they were located, only thing is that it is super annoying and super itchy. So this small little bite will become a huge big red spot when you start to scratch.. 

Night 3; This is so not going to happen again.. There we go again, this time Mark came to help me hunt down all of them. It was this funny walk around the cottage closing all the windows and looking in every corner at least three times. Not sure how it looked but I’m sure it would look like two weirdos hunting on this big thing while it is only a mosquito haha. Funny thing was that the current amount of bites on my body were like thirty-ish and I only noticed 2 on Mark’s back.. Not sure why they didn’t want some fresh blood after two nights. 

At the moment of typing there is a mosquito on my hand trying to get some goodies from me. Good news and bad news: bad news is that I’ve missed one again with my evening routine.. Guess the hunting game is not for me! Good news is she’s not going to get something from me. Sorry little bug but I’m done with all the scratching..

Any way.. I really recommend to go to a cottage in the middle of nowhere! The amount of rest and relaxation we’ve had was priceless and totally needed in this crazy times! But be prepared and take some insect repellent with you or get ready for the hunt!

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